A Testament to the Maha Mantra

by Aranyakananda

When the whether is clement, I often take a long lunch break at work and I roll in my chair down the road to the bottom of Bandel Hill on which I work. I get a snack, but really just for the exercise. I work at the verytop of the hill. From bottom to top it is just a shade under a mile. On one such day last fall, I took my leave, headed down the hill and all was well. I went into the store and got my snack, and prepared myself for the long vertical trek back to work. As I started out, the wind began to pick up. And it picked up some more. Then more. And (did I mention?) it was directly in my face. Uphill, wind in my face. Steadily. Relentlessly. Everyone with me? Okay. So I began to chant the Maha Mantra, the Hare Krishna Mantra. Before long the wind changed directions and for the rest of the trip up the hill, the wind came at me from my left. In fact, for a good part of the remainder of the trip, I felt like I was being pushed up the hill. I continued to chant the mantra until I reached the front door of my office.

Now I take every opportunity during these treks to say the mantra.

Aum Vishnave Namah!

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