Giving Thanks in All Possible Circumstances

by Aranyakananda

Having ceased believing in a system whereby God is dualistically opposed by an external force called “The Devil”, I became free on many levels. I became aware that “You take the good with the bad” was a very meaningful axiom.

(I have to use the dualistic terms “good” and “bad” in this post, having no other clear way to put it.)

Once I discovered this freedom within my Self, I found that we are all responsible for our future good and bad due to karma we bring forth in our actions right now. Everything that is and that ever will be starts with my thought, word and deed right now.
But even though I am responsible for all good in my life due to what I have cultivated, what I have sown, I still know that the Lord and Sustenance, Vishnu is the Oneness who creates the circumstances through which all good things come my way. And so, I give thanks, and I recognize the Lord as the Enjoyer of all of my triumphs.

But what about when I sow negativity? Isn’t it inconsistent to give praise for the good but when the bad comes my way just chalk it up to karma and move on? If not, am I to give blame to the Lord and say “here you go, you be the Sufferer of all of my tragedies?” After all, even though I have made these things occur through my actions, when it comes down to it, all MATERIAL conditions through which our karma comes to us are cooked up by the Lord. I didn’t make that rock that hit me in the head the other day, I only put myself in its path through my actions. So what do I do? The solution is simple. Give thanks to the Lord when the good comes and let the Lord be the Enjoyer. Give thanks to the Lord when bad comes, and turn all suffering over to the Lord, lest you begin to indulge in it. Take it only as a blessing, as an opportunity to grow.

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One Response to Giving Thanks in All Possible Circumstances

  1. Thomas says:

    And whose to say, after all, what is “bad”?

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