Don’t Disregard the Pope

by Aranyakananda

I didn’t think I’d ever be saying this but…Don’t disregard the Pope.
I used to think the Pope was proof that Idolatry was just as much a part of Catholicism as it was Hinduism.
I try not to make a habit of making false parallels where they don’t exist between Judeo-Christian faith and Hinduism, but if Jesus was an Avatar for Judaism, or if He was the guru of his followers, then then the Papacy was a spiritual lineage that the Christ established. As such, for people in the Catholic Church, those who do not decide to leave it as I did, maybe the Pope is your guru. Of course no one should blindly follow anyone who they don’t believe to be Divinely Guided by the Truth. And many Popes have been guided by their own egos and whims of desire. History shows this to be blatantly true. Unfortunately the Papacy, particularly in the late Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, became progressively less grounded in the Truth contained in the Christ’s teachings as its leaders have been chosen by men mired in samsara, in maya, in the delusion.
Even so I think the Pope can provide guidance for truth devotees. If he is True, he will discover the needs of each devotee and guide him or her to higher truths. That is what a true guru does, he gives guidance, not dogma.

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