Destination of Interest: Vedic City, Iowa

by Aranyakananda

When I was 16 and my parents took me and a friend to Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, at the time I literally thought it was paradise on Earth. Though it is a beautiful place, it is but a movie set. I have learned through Paramhansa Yogananda that this material plain in general, with all of it’s supposed delights is but a movie set.
Who knew, when I was 16 that a few years later there would exist another place in Iowa a mere 150 miles away from Field of Dreams that would draw me to it. It is called Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa. A group of the members of my temple are going there this spring but I am unable to go with them. One day I shall.
Vedic City seems like the perfect place in the U.S. to learn some of the values from the East which have become so important to me as someone who tries to follow a yogic, dharmic lifestyle.

Vedic City is founded on educational and governmental systems firmly grounded in the ancient Hindu scriptures the Vedas, but whether you call yourself a Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jain, or not, it is not important. At Vedic City, surely you can gain from your experience there. Whether you are looking to learn the benefits of Vedic architecture, Ayurvedic medicine, or philosophy, surely this experience can inspire you to improve your mind, heart and soul for the better.

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One Response to Destination of Interest: Vedic City, Iowa

  1. bhatpai says:

    Vedic City is not a religion or cult. They follow the scientifically proven Vedic literatures. Hinduis was the name given by the British to turn what is truly Dharmic Living for all into a religion. We, Indians accepted this name and forgot all about the traditional ‘dharmic’ (Dharma = Right action) living ways that are now copiously followed by the Westerners. Hats off to them! Being one of the visitors here has brought my values higher to lead a satwic life with sathwic foods, to go inward with meditation for inner peace and observe silence on a regular basis!

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