Medicare to Cover Yoga for Heart Disease Sufferers

by Aranyakananda

It is only a matter of time before people world-wide begin reaping the benefits of the practice of yoga. Certainly yoga is better than paying obscene amounts in bills, amounts that insurance will not cover completely.

Yoga is the most effective, inexpensive, non-drug way to calm the circulatory and nervous system. So of course it is the perfect remedy for ailments of the heart. In India, where yoga is a daily practice for many millions of people, heart disease is drastically rising, true. But many blame the fall-off in the practice of meditation, and Westernized eating habits. So yes, there is more to avoiding heart disease than just practicing yoga daily. One must take care of his or her body in general, in all ways. But yoga is a good first step to calming the body, and the mind, and then, as you progress, it will be a great way for you to see your Self, beyond your body, and even beyond your mind. When you see the greatness within, there will be but one way to treat your body.
What many do not understand is that yoga is not a workout, and on the other side of the spectrum, yoga is not a religion. Yoga can be a beneficial supplementary practice along with your workout, AND along with your devotional practice no matter what faith you follow.

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