Where Vaishnavism and Smartism Meet

by Aranyakananda

Another blogger was recently reading some of my work and had guessed that I was either of the Vaishnava or Smarta branch of Hinduism.  As the name of this blog suggests, Vaishnava is the correct answer. But I was thinking about Smartism, and I came to yet another striking conclusion in a long line of striking conclusions I’ve come to in the past three years.

Smartism considers all deities of Hinduism to be equal forms of the Supreme Universal Transcendent Spirit. I too believe that to be true, in some way. Since according to the Vishnu Purana, Brahma (Creation) was born from Vishnu’s navel, I take this to mean that Vishnu is the Supreme who transcends physical, material creation. If Vishnu gave birth to creation and thereby the entire eternal process of creation and destruction, then Brahma and Shiva (and all associated devas and devis) are aspects/qualities of the Transcendent Vishnu.

This is a simplistic comparison, admittedly, but my intention is to build bridges.

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1 Response to Where Vaishnavism and Smartism Meet

  1. Yes, I like the way you are trying to build bridges but, some vaishnavas think no end for themselves, claiming too much about Ramanujar, without knowing Ramanujar himself is the son of a Smartha family

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