Yoga at the Pharmacy? Some Day…

by Aranyakananda

As the world (particularly my country, the United States) becomes more enamored by the false promises of prescription drugs, I can’t help but think that we need to have more focus on meditation in the medical system. I know this is not a new insight, but I have to contribute to the conversation. Because this is really going to be one of the big wars waged in our day. We have to fight the urge for a quick fix when we know that fix will never be permanent. It is well known that most prescription drugs are a remedy and not a cure.

I had a pressure sore a couple of years ago and I live my daily life from a wheelchair, so if I want to get around, I am sitting on it. I happened to be off work for a bit during that time and was laying around quite a lot trying to stay off my chair, yet my body would not heal. When I went back to work, I did so in a decidedly meditative frame of mind. I was working, but I was also performing karma yoga. And I meditated on the Lord at all times. And my body healed then way faster than it had while I lay around setting my mind adrift on impurities and self-pity.

I know that meditation does not seem a practical “cure-all” for any disease or disorder. But it is certainly worth a try. If nothing else, then it is certainly worth performing as a supplementary activity along with medical treatment, which you may in time find will be required less and less. Again this really depends on the disorder in question. I have a seizure disorder for which I take 300 mg twice a day of Carbatrol. I am not about to stop it. I tried to once, but this was before meditation came into my life. I may be able to cut down now. I hope to try again one day.

If you open your mind, this may seem much more practical than taking pills which are a temporary fix. Especially when you look at it from a spiritual point of view and face the idea that we can’t fix everything with our intellect and our technology. As a Vaishnava, the Lord is my sustenance, protector, and healer. So the meditation I speak of is not just concentrating on your breathing. That will not fix anything. It has to go beyond that.

Through this post, I hope, if nothing else, I have inspired readers to see that in every remedy and cure, there is something more. Just as in the Chandogya Upanishad, we see that if we break a seed in half there is nothing in it, and yet from it comes the tree. So sure, Divine Sustenance is in every remedy, but it is also inside you. Without the side effect, which may include……………………………………………………………

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