Philosophy, and Philophilo (to coin a term)

by Aranyakananda

The love of wisdom is called philosophy. God is Wisdom (Sophia) but God is also Love. Ergo the Love of God is to be called Philophilo. Often people will refer to their faith as their “philosophy” but I offer this term to distinguish from mere speculation on hypotheticals.

However, the pursuit of wisdom is not necessarily a pursuit of a mere triviality, it should be made clear. As the three paths to God are karma (action), bhakti (devotion) and jnana (wisdom).

It is always important to remember there is a worldly wisdom and a higher wisdom. I would refer to them as egoic wisdom and transcendental wisdom. The first leads to karmic reaction, and the second is not subject to karma, and therefore is freedom itself. Freedom is Wisdom in its purest form.

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