A Woefully Abbreviated View of Traditional Yoga

by Aranyakananda

I was flipping through the channels on TV late last night, insomniac as I am sometimes, when I came to the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Normally Colbert gives a skewed view of the far right wing politics in America so I like him. I did not know his show gives a skewed view of everything.

Granted I did not catch the entire interview but his guest was William Broad who has recently published a book on the science of yoga. Broad and Colbert were discussing different ways that if one is not careful one can hurt oneself practicing yoga. I thought this is great, they are going to discuss the benefits of the practice but give ways to be safe while doing it. Maybe they did discuss this, but at the very end of the interview, almost an afterthought, Colbert brought up the fact that yoga is several thousand years old.

Broad responded by saying yoga is maybe four to five thousand years old and that what most Westerners practice at their gym is only one very small part of traditional yoga practice. When asked how yoga originated, Broad responded by saying “in a sex cult”.
To which Colbert made a standard sex joke, ended the segment and went to commercial. So that was what we were left with. Yoga is a sex cult. I would have thought that Broad, having done some research on the subject would have more to say than that. But then again its a comedy show.

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