Recollections From Deepavali 2011

by Aranyakananda

Since my friends and I will be watching Swami Vidyadhishananda give his Mahashivratri message next Saturday, I thought I’d post an account of an experience I had while watching Swami V give his Deepavali message last year.

It was unlike anything since I first read Sri Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Man’s Eternal Quest”. While Swami V spoke, I internalized his message of the meaning of Deepavali. The linking of the lights of our spiritual beings, above the mundane physical beings. My eyes locked on his and though my friend’s home where this took place is very beautiful and a meditative environment was provided, what I experienced was that Swami’s face became crystal clear, and all else around me (the mundane) became clouded over with what I first thought was a light, but it was more of a translucent fog, blurring the mundane. It was only if my attention drifted off to that blur that it disappeared (and the Maya came back into focus). Also, I became aware at one point that a clear message was drifting through my mind:

“Meditate deeply until you can feel the space between the atoms that make up your body, and then you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are more than just this body.”

I already knew that but never heard it put to me in quite that way. It was a bit like the story of Aruni and his son, where Aruni has is son tell him what he sees when he cuts the fruit in two, and then cuts the seed in two, and there is nothing there, and yet from that nothing came the entire fruit tree. It was a moving experience.

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