Life is Thirst and Life is Water

by Aranyakananda

Since I began practicing Hinduism, I have taken a good look back at my life and the road it has taken.  A while ago, it came to my attention that in my life I had undergone three distinct cycles, each involving a great distress, followed by a period of great comfort, followed by one of tremendous, often inspired creativity:

–           Back surgery and other medical problems leading to missing nine months of school, followed by my meeting the best friends I have ever had and still have, followed by my first step into journalism.

–          A broken heart, followed by my meeting the woman who would cheer me up and eventually become my wife, followed by a tremendous stretch of poetry writing.

–          The loss of a job, followed by a great new job (not to mention income not a moment too soon), followed by my writing of a manuscript.

The cycles commence every six years like clockwork. I don’t know why. I mentioned this to my wife a while back, knowing that I was about due for one again. She asked me if I knew how I was going to handle it next time. I said that through my fairly new-found faith, and through meditation, I felt that I would be able to calm any storm created within me, should another distress come.

When it came last spring, I found that I was not as prepared as I thought I was.

Recently I was thinking it over, and taking mental stock of the previous cycles. The most recent period of creativity involved my writing the above-mentioned novel in which the main character discovers the meaning of one of his favorite song’s lyrics, which read “Jai Guru Deva Aum. Nothing’s gonna change my world.” Like a bolt of lightning, I had a revelation, remembering what the character in the book had discovered. “Change your world yourself. Create your great joys.” It was nice how the end of one of these cycles gave me the very key to discontinuing them.

It occurred to me that every single cycle I have been through has proceeded thusly: Destruction, sustenance, creativity. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma. So these cycles were occurring in the exact opposite of the natural order. I realized I was letting life happen to me, then digging my way out, when I should be creating my life, which is the best way for anyone to express and experience their own inner divine source.

I know that destructive events will still come and go throughout my life. But if it all occurs in the proper order, I feel that even destructions can be harmonious.

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